Monday, September 19, 2011


Here's a random post.  I'm sure I'll have many more random posts to come.  This last Saturday I was a vendor at my first Vintage Market!  I really did have a lot of fun.  I also sold several things...yay!  I was nervous cause I didn't want to be the booth that everyone just walked past but I wasn't. Infact, all the vendors were amazing!  It was such a flea market atmosphere in the cutest enviornment with trees and a barn.  It wasn't a black top parking lot. I loved it. I was hoping to just sell at least one something and that would make me happy but I sold several somethings.  This table here is not one that I sold.  This is an Ethan Allen side table.  It has nice legs and curves and look at that parquet top.  It was in rough condition and I wasn't sure if I could fix it but it turned out amazingly smooth!

Do you see this?  Looks like someone on it.  Sorry, but it does.  That is a glazing job gone bad.   I loved the yellow till I glazed it.  Oops. Oh well.   But look at the top...the stain turned out great.  I used Min wax dark walnut.

So then I tried this blue oops paint that I got at the HD.  (I love oops paint!)  I really like this blue color with the stained top.

I love this blue! 

I think the top is stunning! Love it!

Then there's this lamp.  I call her Mega Lamp. She's  about 3 feet tall to the top of the wire.  She had a round piece of wood that was anchored on the bottom that was warped so I took it off.  Once that was off, I realized that the bar that went through her came out quite easily. So I pulled it out and the whole thing came apart.  It wasn't broken, it was just being held together by bar.  So she ended up in 2 pieces.  This is when I realized that her purpose in life wasn't to be a lamp. She'd been tapped in a lamp body but really she was.......

two very large candle pedestals!  Ta DA!  I found some cheap and identical candle plates and glues them on top .  Then I roughed her up a bit with some sand paper and then primed her.

I decided on red.  I love pops of color and since red is one of my school colors (University of Utah), she become red!

How cute are those now? I love re purposing! 

Speaking of re purposing, check out this light cover that I got from my mom. She had this on the ceiling in her bedroom while I was growing up so it's at least 30 years old.....maybe even 40.   I saw it at her house this summer while I was visiting and asked if I could have it. Of course she said yes....she loves me. :) 

I love the crackle glass...I'm sure there's a real term for it but I don't know what that is.  The little finial on the top is just perfect.  But now what to do with it.  Hmmm.

It took me a few months but I figured it out.  But I need to find some more parts to make it happen.  I thought for sure it would take me at least a dozen trips to numerous GW's before I found what I was looking for but would you believe it if I said I found it within the hour of when I thought of it? ...did that make sense? Well believe it is hopefully reading this.  This is what I was looking for....I didn't exactly know it at the time but I knew I would know when I saw it.  Bingo!

So I sprayed it down with some Rustoleum Hammered Brown paint.  It turned out aMAZing!

  I bought a little flicker candle and put it inside and it was soooooo darling that I was hoping no one at the market would buy her.....but everyone there liked her too.  She had many customers coming back saying they were just drawn to her.....and final one just said, "I can't go home with out this. It's so creative and unique.  I just love it!"  That made my heart melt. I watched the lady walking out of the market just smiling at her new little treasure....seriously she was looking at it as she walked out brimming from ear to ear!  Yay!  Made my day!

(Oh and I had my hubby cut out the little nail that was made for the candle so the flicker candle would sit nice and neat.) 

Then there's this little beauty.  But of course I forgot to take a before picture.  The thing on the left is a cheese cloche.  No idea how to pronounce that word.  I didn't even know these existed till I saw one somewhere in blog land.  The bottom is wooden and it was just brown.  I knew it needed a new purpose in life.  I went looking for a candle holder and found this extremely heavy glass one.  It matched perfectly...score!  I turned the bottom over and marked where the middle was. Then I traced the top of the candle holder on to the bottom of the cloche and then went around the inside of that circle with clear silicone.  I turned the candle holder upside down on the silicone, made sure it was even around the rim, wiped off the excess and let it dry.

I love how it turned out and the cutest girl scooped it up at the market.  I'm sure it went to a good home!

Also, look at what I finally found!!    I have been looking for an old trunk for forever.  I have found several but they always cost a bazillion dollars which I don't have.  I found this at GW and it was very reasonably priced.  I WAS IN LOVE!!!   I was not going to let it get away. I'm sure it's close to 100 years old and now someones junk is my treasure.  It looks great in my house by the way....totally not selling this.  Even my husband kinda likes it.....which is great since of the time we don't see eye to eye on what we consider 'treasure'. :)

Here are a few of the other things I sold:

I have to my tell you that my first sale was a pair of 1950's ladies bowling shoes.  They were so cute and someone just fell in love with them and amazingly they fit her like a shoe.

The beautiful roll top desk sold!

The painted, stencilled and stained tray sold!

The small coral table sold!

The Zebra coffee table sold!

I actually gave this cute coral chair to the girls from The Shine Project for a silent auction.  They help raise money to send inner city youth, right here in Phoenix, to college  They are having a silent auction soon so if you live here in PHX and would like to help, please visit their site.  I know they would LOVE IT!
I also sold that cute black bird cage on top of this desk....this is actually the 'before' shot of the roll top/stencilled desk. :)

All in all it was a great day!  Made some new friends and had a great time.  Big shout out to Lindsey, Coley and Monique from Junk In The Trunk Trio for organizing the entire event!  Check out their blog, they are amazing treasure hunters!  They, and I, will be doing it again in November!  Hope to see you there!


Sandra said...

Good for you...glad it was a successful day!

Heather said...

I knew I should have bought the tray! Oh well, I hope you sold it for alot more than you were going to charge me :)

Just Jaime said...

Awesome for selling so much! Love all your new stuff!

Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

You did an amazing job on that desk! You are so talented!

Samantha said...

WOw, that sounds like a fab market to go to!

That gorgeous little table's top is parquet (said parkay)
and the cloche is pronounced closhe.

Saying that though, I'm typing those in a British might have to practise a bit til they sound normal lol x

Rachel @ SuiteRevival said...

I love that light cover and candle holder combo...very clever!!!