Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Chair

Well it's been six months so it's time for my 6 month post.  Just kidding.  SO I don't blog much lately.  I barely shower as it is so really I don't have much time for blogging but I thought this chair was blog worthy. Blog worthy because this was something that I have never done before, well, I guess I should say, I've never completed something like this before. 
 I found this great chair at GW.  My favorite store.  It was not a simple chair.  But I wanted the challenge.  Bring. It. On. I said to myself.  My husband thought I was crazy.  Probably because I have a chair sitting in my craft room that is half done..(hence the never completed comment above)...and it's been in that condition for over a year.  So he laughed when I showed him this one. Not because he doesn't think I'm capable but because he knows I try to do 100 things at once and usually they only get half done, like the first chair.  So here is the before:

  As you can see, it have ALOT going on.  Not just your plain Jane wingback.  That's what I liked about it.  Challenge me!  So after a full day of deconstructing it, taking 100 pictures and a page worth of notes, I got to work.  See that cording along the top of the wing back?  Yeah, I attempted that with my brave sewing machine...did I mention that I don't sew?  Yeah, not so much.  Well I spent TWO days trying to do that part and I can tell you that I ALMOST had it.  Chair : 1 McKelle:0     Chair was winning.  Husband may have been right.  I went to bed that second night nearly defeated but I had a come back when the thought entered my mind that,"Just because it came that way, doesn't mean it has to end up like that!  I could do nail head.  Yes, it will be on!"  (And yes, that's how I think.)  So I spent the next day, and the next and the next in a heated battle with this chair and a guess what?  I WON!    Here is the after:


Sassy Behind~

LOVe, Love, LoOVE, Lurve!


Did I mention that I love it. :)

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