Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gossip Bench

Do you remember this antique telephone table, also known as a 'Gossip Bench'?  It's designed with a little seat and it has a built-in table with a shelf underneath.  You would put the telephone on the top table and phone books convenient is that? There were also 6 pieces of ABC gum stuck under there.....I left those for authenticity...totally kidding...or am I?  Well it doesn't look like this any more.  I bounced back and forth between restaining it or painting it.  I had to think about if I were seeing it for the first time, what I would want it to look like.  I think I made the right decision....for my taste anyhow.  So on with the show.



New paint, lightly distressed. 

I recovered it. The jungle print was killing me.
                   I tried to find some fabric that I thought matched the character of the piece.

~Hope you like it!~
You can see it in person at the Vintage Market in Scottsdale, AZ on Sept 17th!


Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

I love it! However, when I gossip, it's usually in person... so a real gossip table would be two chairs, close together, with a cup holder for milkshakes. Can you make one of those? ;) Nice job!

Just Jaime said...

Love that fabric! Fun color choice!

shopannies said...

love the blue and looks like vintage fabric for the seat looks as if it belonged in the 60 or 70 era