Sunday, September 25, 2011

I received TWO awards!!! Can you believe it?  I could not.  But when I found out, I called my mom!  Seriously, I was so happy that I called my mom like a weeeeee lil' girl to tell her. She was very proud of me. Ah, thanks mom!  Mrs. J and Mrs. H are the amazing sisters over at Modern Wivelyhood who bestowed these awards upon me. You have to go check out their blog..they are amazing and oh so ever stylish! Sometimes it makes me wonder if Mrs. J really has kids since she always looks so HOT!  Hot in a 'lookin' hot sista!" way , not a 'I'm in to you way."  Was that weird?  Anyway they are both too cute and they help me to know what's in style in this day and age since all I wear are workout pants and t-shirts! I need room to move.....don't judge me.  Now to accept the awards, I have the duty of sharing some info for all of you.  The first award:

1:  What is my favorite color?  Blue.  It always has been but the bad thing is that my school colors in college were Red and white. Well, Crimson really. But our big rival school down south was blue and white.  I just look sooo much better in blue so as you can see it's a daily struggle for me to get dressed as to what color to wear. Why is life so hard?
2. What is my favorite song? I have so many favorites right now but I'm gonna go with Adele's 'Rumor'.  Her voice is so velvety.  But as for all time favorite it is definitely 'American Girl' by Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers.  I love love love anything by Tom Petty. Also, I can't leave out Pat Benatar.  I don't love all of her stuff but 'Love is a Battlefield' got me through some hard times in college. ;)
3. My favorite dessert?  It absolutely is the brownie sundae at the Horny Toad Restaurant in Cave Creek, AZ.  LOVE IT way too much. It's the biggest brownie sundae I've ever eaten. It's made to be shared but I usually eat the whole thing by hubs has stopped trying to steal bites since the last unfortunate incident......lets just say band aids were needed.
4. My favorite pet?  Well, I love cats.  I'm not a crazy cat lady or anything, I just think they are way easier then any other animal.  They clean themselves. They bury their own poop....and they always do that in the same spot, the litter box.  They don't whine to go with me if I'm leaving.  They are very independent and I like that.
5. What whizzes me off at the moment?  The thing that whizzes me off right now has to do with a parking spot at my kids school.  There are several places in park right in front of the office where I have to park  to walk my kids in to 1st grade and Pre-K.  There is ONE spot that has a DO NOT PARK HERE sign.  I'm totally fine with that....there must be a reason we shouldn't park there. BUT almost everyday I see people park there.  It's like they are too good to follow the rules like the rest of us!  You're not above the law....of the sign!!!  I obey it, why can't you?!!! Sorry....I needed to vent.
6. Black or white?  Black all the way.  I get too dirty to wear white and I just think I look better in black. Probably cause it hides most of my lumps.
7. Biggest fear?  Losing one of my children.  Also, me dying. Not because I'm scared of dying or because I'm selfish. I just never want my kids to have to grow up with out a mom.  I know how much my mom means to me and I know how much I mean to my kids.  I wouldn't want them to ever be without their mommy.
8. Best feature? I'm nice. At least I always try to be nice.  My husband also tells me that I'm a nice person.  I try to be nice to everyone I never know what trials they are facing.   Unless of course they're trying to park in the DO NOT PARK HERE spot and then watch out!!
9.Everyday attitude? I choose to be happy.  We are what we want to be and I want to be happy.  Also: If you're gonna wish you would have done it, do it.
10. What is perfection?  Snuggling with my kids and honey on the couch with  no laundry or dirty house to worry about.....and with nothing to do but sit and be.
11. Guilty pleasure? Diet Coke....everyday....sometimes 2-3 times at the McDonald's drive thru for $1.
12.When you're up set you? I cry. I cry when I'm happy too.  I'm a big baby. :(

So here is the next award they gave me.  To accept this award I have to share a story with you. It can be true of not true.....just a story. 
  It was a hot September night here in AZ. I was 37 weeks preggers with my little boy Crue.  My husband was working nights at the time and it was a good thing because I woke at about 3 and realized that I had peed the bed.  This happens right.   I mean, I was huge.  I was getting up 3-4 times a night to go to the bathroom so when I woke up, I just figured that I must have been in a deep sleep and my huge baby probably made me leak a wee bit.   I cleaned up and got back in bed. 
 My husband got home at 6am and I woke up to find that I had peed again.  Not a big amount though. I cover it up as my husband gets in bed and I decide to get up and get moving for the day.  I'll wash sheets later. Sorry hun!  I hop in the shower to get ready for the day. Then I clean the house a little bit and decide to go get a pedicure.   Of course you all know what I'm thinking and it was,'I hope that my water didn't break,' but since I'd been up nothing had happened.  No pee, no leakage.  So I get to the nail place and get my fat feet all least I think they were pretty.  I was so big I coudn't see them so I took their word for it.  I hopped in my car and drove to work.  I wasn't scheduled to work that day.  In fact, my last day of work was actually the day before.  I as going to take off 3 weeks so I could nest and get ready for my baby.  I get to my work and start talking to my really good friend and I told her what had been going on that morning.  I said that I wasn't sure what I should do because I was having the feeling that maybe I should go to the hospital to be checked.  Now mind you, I had just been to my OBGYN 2 days before this and I was 0% effaced and not dilated AT ALL.  My doctor said I would most likely not deliver till I was 40 weeks.  But as I left my work I had this really strong feeling, or premonition if you will, that said,"go to the hospital'.  Now I didn't want to be a dork and show up at the hospital and have them tell me to go home cause I was just peeing my bed.  Not something I wanted to hear.  So I said a little prayer asking my Heavenly Father to help me make the right decision.  I got in my car and drove.  I didn't really have a plan on where I was going but guess where I ended up?  Right smack in front of the emergency room of my hospital.  I remember smacking the steering wheel of my car with both hands saying "What am I doing here?"  I didn't know what I was doing.  I got out of my car, walked inside and just stood there in the lobby.  There was only one other person in there.  I just stood there.  Literally.  After about 1 minute a nurse walked up and asked if I needed help.  I told her, " I just thought maybe I should be checked...I'm sure it's nothing, I think I peed the bed so can you check me."  Complete dork.  "I think I peed the bed."  Nice.   So she grabs a wheel chair and tells me that she's going to admit me.  I'm like, "No I don't need to be admitted, just checked."  Of course she informs me that I have to be admitted to be checked.  They take me to the 3rd floor, maternity, and I'm so mad at myself because I'm so sure I'm wasting time and money.  She makes me shower and get in a robe.   They do a swab and it doesn't turn blue so she says they have to take it to the lab just to make sure.  It should have turned blue if it was amniotic fluid so I wasn't worried.  So I waited an one in my family even knew where I was by the way.  The nurse comes back and says, "Yep, your water broke."  I. WAS. STUNNED.  But grateful that I was prompted to go to the hospital though. I called the hubs said I was in the hospital.  He's freaking out yelling, "What happened, what happened!'  My water broke. I actually asked the nurse if I could come back later because I had plans to go stain my front door.  She thought I was teasing, I wasn't. She didn't let me go.  To make a loooooong story short. Two rounds of pitocin, two rounds of gels and forty hours later....yes 40 hours later my sweet baby boy was born!  Now I tell you this story to remind all women to listen to that still small voice.  I heard it. I asked for help and I was helped.  I didn't want to go but I went. I was not in labor but my water had broke.  I believe with all my heart and soul there was a specific reason my water broke.  When my son was finally born, the cord was wrapped around his neck 4 times.  FOUR!  The chances that he would have been able to unwind were slim since I was 37 weeks and there wasn't much room in there to move around.   It was a blessing that my water broke.  It saved my sons life.  I will always be indebted to my Heavenly Father for that gift.   

Now I must pass these awards on.  I want to give both these awards to the following blogs that I can't get enough of!  I hope they will accept them.  

Julia from 551 East Furniture Design.
She is amazing at restoring furniture and I was so happy to have been able to meet her at the Vintage Market that I did a few weeks ago. Go check her out her amazing she's doing a $50 give away right now! You can't beat that with a stick!

Margaret from Rummage Living.   This gal truly embraces the 'dig' and knows how to do it on the cheap!  Go check her out for some thrifty inspiration! 

Priscilla from Thrifty Crafty Girl.  I can not read her blog without laughing out loud! I wish we were friends in real life instead of just blog land cause she would be a riot to hang out with.  Not only is she funny but she really is thrifty and crafty....and a girl. Swing by her blog to see what she's up to!  

If you choose to accept, answer all the questions for the first award and then tell a story for the second.  True or's up to you!  Then pass on the awards to your favorite inspirational blogs!

Thanks for all the inspiration ladies!!!   


Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

Wow... I have so many people to thank. I'd like to thank my mother for having me... and I'd like to thank my husband for annoying me daily so's I'm forced to craft something.

I'm going to post this on Wednesday! Thanks a bunch!

Delightful Deets said...

40 hours! Oh my goodness! That was a fabulous story :) You are way too sweet to us! If I still lived in Arizona, you would be the blogger I'd be dying to meet!