Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cheese Cloche Stand

Here's a fun treasure I found a few weeks ago .  I'm on the constant look out for cheese cloches.  I must say I have a little crush on them and I get so excited when I find one.  I lucked out one day at my local GW.  I then searched for a sturdy candle holder base.  It needed to have a wide enough top that could provide good support for the cheese cloche.  I found 2 but decided to go with the tall one.

I painted the wood bottom of the cloche with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (Duck Egg) and also painted the candle holder. 

Then I measured out where the middle was on the bottom of the cloche.

Then I flipped  the candle holder upside down, placed the middle of the candle holder on the middle of the cloche and traced it. 

Then I removed the candle holder and traced the inside of the traced circle with clear silicone.  You can't put the silicone on the actual traced line because that's the outer edge of your candle stick and you want the silicone on the inside to be able to make it stick together.

The new Cheese Cloche stand.  I can already picture a cute little birds nest in side or maybe a special cupcake! :)

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