Friday, January 13, 2012

Antique Dresser....again!

I have a thing for antique dressers!  My husband wants me to branch out and I have little bit but dressers are my 'go to' piece of furniture.  So here's the before:

And the after:

Yes blurry, I know and if I had this dresser still at my house I would go take some amazing  pictures.  This picture was taken with my cell phone. BUT I PROMISE photography is something I'm going to work on in this new year. :)

You can also catch a glimpse of her my new booth at Merchant Square Antique Mall!!  Oh, you hadn't heard?  Yep that's right!  Does that make me old?  All the cool people are doing it!! ;)

I share this spot with my good friend Julia from 551 East Furniture Design, I'm sure you know of her and her amazing furniture pieces.  I can only hope that her talent will rub off on me by sharing this spot together. Hope you love it! Even though it's blurry. :/

Disclaimer: This post has been up for several hours but something about it wasn't sitting right with me but I couldn't figure it out.  Then it hit me.  If you haven't noticed it already well now you will.  That is not the before dresser!  Haha!  I'm so detail oriented aren't I!  So sorry!  I've searched and searched and apparently I didn't take a 'before'.  I had no intention of trying to 'trick' or 'deceive' all my lovely readers, I just simply posted the wrong picture. I make mistakes like that because I'm always in such a hurry.  BUT I'm going to leave it just because that is what the wood grain looked like so it's "similar" in that way.  Typical ME! :/

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Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

I'm saving up for a new camera, I totally understand the no bueno pictures. That one is actually not bad though.

More importantly, HOW DO YOU KEEP FINDING ALL THIS AWESOME STUFF? I just checked my local Craigslist, the most interesting thing there was a plastic shoe rack and it was half broken. I am jealous of your furniture finds.

Just Jaime said...

Sooooo pretty!

WhyCuzICan said...

Nifty!! You did just fine with the cell phone pix- better than mine would do (I don't have one...LOL)

Yeah, where are you finding these treasures?!
From my Dashboard,
Suzanne in Illinois

Twice Nice said...

Beautiful dresser. Love the stencil. Deb

Cyndi ✪ Blue Star said...

Ok, yep! Lovin' that! I'm a new blogger and now a new follower!!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

I am just loving your project- would love for you to come share at Feathered Nest Friday at my blog- going on all weekend!!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Just stopping back by to say thanks for sharing at FNF!:)

Amber and Brad said...

It is beautiful, I love it! Great job, what a wonderful treasure!

If you get a chance, I would be honored to have you stop by and link up to my weekly Chalk Paint linky party.